Mammagard Breast protection Pillow

Do you avoid lying on your stomach due to breast discomfort, especially during your massage? The longstanding complaint of ‘squashed breasts’ is something our technicians understand on a daily basis. Breasts are, to varying degrees, pressure intolerant structures that require protection in prone/face down positions.

We found a solution for you…Mammagard! Mammagard is a breast orthotic device scientifically proven to provide support and comfort for your breasts, which is especially beneficial for abnormal or surgically altered breasts. As the first of its kind, Mammagard addresses the discomfort and anxiety women experience when lying on their front.

Mammagard Breast Protection Pillow- Soft
Mammagard Breast Protection Pillow- Soft
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Welcome to Mammagard - your ultimate comfort companion!

Mammagard is here to provide you with extra comfort throughout your day, every day. Whether you're experiencing discomfort during specific stages or simply seeking added comfort, Mammagard has got you covered.

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“Before having a Mammagard, I used to dread my visits to my osteopath and avoided having massages and lying on my tummy completely. Lying face down after you have had a breast reconstruction with implants is no fun at all. The first time I took my Mammagard to my Osteopath he was so impressed and couldn’t wait for me to try it out. The difference was amazing. I don’t get that feeling of dread every time he tells me he is about to put pressure on me. It has really changed things for me and I would highly recommend a Mammagard to anyone who wants to lay face down on their stomach, whether you have had a breast reconstruction or not.”

– Sarah VIC Australia